International Call Direct

APS pre-paid long distance service offers the quality and features you’d expect. Whether you need to call Germany or Bangladesh, we offer superior connectivity, domestic and international calling with no monthly fee and no monthly minimum!

  • We offer the lowest International rates to all destinations. Plus we accept all major credit cards.
  • No confusing pin numbers or codes to remember. Just dial one of the access numbers we provide and enjoy the best calling experience and valued savings!
  • Use your landline phone, mobile phone or VoIP phone with APS CallDirect Service.
  • Just follow our easy 3 step activation process and start calling domestically or internationally instantly!

If you have any Wishes we will help you to turn them into reality

Our Services

 APS is now available in Canada


Prepaid service Canada

APS is now available in Canada! Our prepaid service is easy to use, register, and then dial one of the several local access numbers and call directly anywhere in the world with the best quality and at the lowest rates.

Prepaid service USA

Phone bills too high? Want to control your spending? Try our Prepaid Service! It’s fast, easy to use, and it delivers the same level of high quality service as our regular service at the same low price. So, the next time your flight is delayed or cancelled and you need to call your family overseas, call from your mobile phone using APS services.

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